Grid Trend Multiplier Review

grid trend multiplier review

We’re glad you’re here at our best expert advisor website. In today’s Grid Trend Multiplier Review, we will speak about its features, trading strategies, who created it, prices, packages, customer feedback, pros and cons, as well as our final opinion. You may need to purchase this robot, so be sure to read this article to the end.

What is a Grid Trend Multiplier?

This fully automated trading tool has been specially developed for beginners. It does not mean that, as a professional, you can’t make any profit from this. There are many trade features and settings that anyone can use, making it a good trading robot. It also comes with a user guide with over 15 videos that explain how to use it effectively.

To help you better understand this, let me explain some more detail in this Grid Trend Multiplier Review. The gap opening is simultaneous for both selling and buying trades on EAs.

Trading is done by a grid system, using hedging strategies. It’s buying and selling at the same time so that whatever direction the market goes, you will always make a profit on at least one of them.

How does it work?

EAs like this are great because they are automated robots, but they also have a predictor, and they work with signals. The technology also features some intriguing features like adaptability to business and a non-directional output. No matter if you are a new trader or not, this robot will be able to meet your needs. Though you’re more experienced, you can still customize it a lot or even change it manually if you want to.

Who created Grid Trend Multiplier EA?

In this part of Grid Trend Multiplier Review, you will get to know details about its developer. If you already read our previous robot review, you must know that many EA doesn’t have information about their creators on their official website. But this is not one of those.

On the official website and online, you can learn more about him. A specialist in Forex trading, the creator, is known as Alex Du Plooy. Along with this, he has developed some other software for the trading market as well. You can see that he is not new to trading and to this whole thing. He explains how the product works in several videos on the official sales website. In addition, you can view the results of the verified FXBlue account online.

Main features:

We will highlight the basic features of this EA in this part of the Grid Trend Multiplier review. Let discuss below

  • A fully automated exchange scheme.
  • The EA makes a profit of 50 to 300 pips per day.
  • This robot uses two main techniques: grids and hedges.
  • With MT4 and MT5, it supports a wide range of currency pairs.
  • It will make good big profits all the time.
  • Robots like this are non-directional. It doesn’t matter where the economy is headed.
  • No matter how it is operated, it will transact.
  • You can customize all settings.
  • As a result of its global adaptability, it can trade regardless of global conditions.

What is Trading Strategy?

As a first and foremost consideration, you should keep in mind that this robot operates both as a signal and as a trading tool. The all-in-one program works extremely well for traders of any age.

In addition to the hedging method, there is one grid method, as already explained above. However, don’t worry about destroying your account, as advanced systems will prevent it. Because of its business adaptability, it is safe, regardless of volatile market conditions.

MT4 and MT5 Grid Trend Multipliers support and operate using the major currencies. In addition, you can choose whether you feel comfortable or insecure with the pattern since it is exchangeable manually. The environments, risks, and functions can all be customized, so you can make them as profitable as you like. It is also possible to fund accounts of all types through this platform, so there is no need to invest large amounts of money before you start.

Grid Trend Multiplier Price/Package:

We will talk all about the pricing and packages of this robot in this Grid Trend Multiplier Review. They didn’t create many plans for all types of traders. So far, only one package has been offered by the vendors. This robot is available for 82% off from the sellers, so you can get it now if you are interested. The package will also include a list of services you can expect.

  • A price of $280 has been set.
  • Multiplier software for grid trends
  • There are two Real licenses available
  • It is supported on both MT4 and MT5
  • A detailed tutorial video guide with a user’s manual
  • There are a lot of free robots available by this company
  • Provide dedicated customer support to every customer

Grid Trend Multiplier Customer’s reviews:

We did a lot of research of this EA. Several traders claim to be unsatisfied with this product. According to them, it is a forex account killer. In return, it doesn’t give traders any profits but instead takes all the money they have in their account.

Also, many traders said that the backtest results were better, but the profit target results were not better.. There are no positive reviews for this product. Traders are not getting healthy profits.

Pro and cons:

This part of the Grid Trend Multiplier review will cover some of the key advantages and disadvantages.


  • Using FXBlue results, this app was able to check live results.
  • See the backtest on the sales website.
  • It comes with 15 videos showing how to use it.


  • Pricey
  • Installation required
  • Failure to meet the clients’ expectations

Conclusion of Grid Trend Multiplier review:

In conclusion, based on the Grid Trend Multiplier review and clients reviews, the product does not provide a healthy profit to clients and cannot offer a superior trade for clients. As a result of all the research, this product is a dangerous account killer that steals all the money from the traders. If you want to learn more about the best forex robots, you should visit our website.